Fufu is a staple African cuisine with an exotic taste, enjoyed from Dakar, Senegal through Accra, Ghana to Kinshasa, Congo as well as the African diaspora. It is a thick paste usually eaten with soup. Traditionally, fufu is made from pounding cassava — a root vegetable, just like sweet potatoes, with phenomenal health benefits. The problem with this process is two fold. First, pounding is tedious! We believe it shouldn’t take hours of stressful work to get a meal. Second, despite its health benefits, cassava spoils roughly 3 days after harvest. We believe cassava’s rapid post-harvest deterioration destroys value for you, the farmer, and the planet. The good news is: we have solved both problems with powder cassava fufu, a powder made from cassava that can be used to make fufu effortlessly in 5 minutes and is shelf-stable for 18 months!

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What a meal!

I have not eaten standard water fufu for many years because of typhoid problems. The moment I saw CassVita, I knew my life was about to get better. I was supplied a pack by Epie Leslie Esambe a few days ago. Though I am a cooking novice, I was able to prepare a portion of it very quickly in hot water…interestingly, I did it with A SPOON. No smell, no lumps, no stickiness, and it has such a beautiful clean whitish colour. What a meal I had!!!!

Noel Chuye T

The taste is on point!

I can’t find the right words so I’ll keep it simple. This CassVita fufu (cassava fufu) is amazing!! It literally takes 5 minutes to cook. No residue left in the pot. The taste is on point. No smell, no sourness, just right. I enjoyed it with eru cooked with ‘kanda’ (cow skin), dry fish, and beef. It tastes so good. ) 🙂 . 1 cup of the flour yielded 4 servings. Order yours at www.cassvita.com. From my kitchen to yours….

Maimouna Mongwa

Very Clean!

I am a customers. I bet you it cooks fast, taste good and most of all it’s very clean. Its a healthy food.

Mujingni Mubat

100% satisfied!

Hey just to say thanks for delivery, I have cooked some of it and it is really delicious. 100% satisfied

Marlene R

Stress free fufu!

I had eru and @CassVita for supper yesterday(Yes yesterday :-D). This is cassava flour is a life saver especially for people like us who don’t have streangth to pound water fufu ;-D