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  The Current Climate

  • Climate change and conflict are disrupting our food systems like never before! 
  • According to NASA, the yields of grains like maize are projected to plummet by as much as 24% between 2020 and 2030.
  • Unlike wheat and maize that are intolerant to heat and water stress, alternatives like cassava are more climate resilient. 
  • Cassava is also indigenous to the tropics — a region in which these grains are heavily imported.
  • In addition to its local potential, cassava is gluten-free, grain-free, and nut-free, and maintains a similar taste profile to wheat-based options — properties that make it extremely valuable to consumers globally. 


  • Despite cassava’s climate-resilience as well its incredible health and taste benefits, the tuber spoils only 3 days after harvest, with over 50% of the global annual harvest lost on average. Consequently, a majority of the 20 million cassava farmers in the world today, 75% of whom are women, live on under a dollar a day per capita income.

  Our Innovation

  • At CassVita, we have invented a breakthrough biotechnology for increasing the shelf-life of cassava from 3 days to 18 months. With our technology, farmers lose 0% of their harvest and are able to increase their incomes. We have also innovated on a proprietary methodology for processing cassava into grain alternative products, which in turn, creates a market for cassava farmers.
  • These innovations enable us to offer indigenous, climate-resilient alternatives at scale, building resilience in the face of a dire food insecurity crisis and creating wealth for local farmers. 


Cassava Flour

Our shelf-life extension technology enables us to minimize variable cost — significantly contributed by post-harvest loss — and offer this cassava-based flour alternative to food businesses at a price that is competitive to that of wheat. We contribute to economic prosperity in Africa by substituting imported wheat — that has become scarce due to supply chain disruptions triggered by conflict — with this indigenous alternative. 

Cassava Fufu

Before launching the flour product, we initially launched a specialty category, cassava powder. This superfood can be reconstructed with water to make fufu  a staple African cuisine, which we sell as a consumer product. By adding value to cassava through this innovative product, we ensure that local farmers get real value for their crops. 

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