Cassava is a root vegetable that serves as a valuable source of nutrition for more than 500 million people living in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It’s gluten-free and paleo-friendly properties make it of enormous global importance. However, due to rapid post-harvest spoilage (between 48 – 72 hours) and traditional processing methods riddled with inefficiencies, cassava has remained a subsistence crop and its products have been limited to local markets. CassVita’s state-of-the-art processing capabilities enable cassava to be converted into your favorite gluten-free alternatives with a shelf life of over 18 months!

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What a meal!

I have not eaten standard water fufu for many years because of typhoid problems. The moment I saw CassVita, I knew my life was about to get better. I was supplied a pack by Epie Leslie Esambe a few days ago. Though I am a cooking novice, I was able to prepare a portion of it very quickly in hot water…interestingly, I did it with A SPOON. No smell, no lumps, no stickiness, and it has such a beautiful clean whitish colour. What a meal I had!!!!

Noel Chuye T

Very Clean!

I am a customers. I bet you it cooks fast, taste good and most of all it’s very clean. I’ts a healthy food.

Mujingni Mubat

100% satisfied!

Hey just to say thanks for delivery, I have cooked some of it and it is really delicious. 100% satisfied

Marlene R

Stress free fufu!

I had eru and @CassVita for supper yesterday(Yes yesterday :-D). This is cassava flour is a life saver especially for people like us who don’t have streangth to pound water fufu ;-D


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