Reimagining Cassava

Cassava is a root vegetable that serves as a valuable source of nutrition for more than 500 million people living in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. However it has remained a subsistence crop and its products have been limited to local markets due to rapid spoilage post-harvest (between 48 – 72 hours) and  traditional processing methods riddled with inefficiencies.

CassVita partners with a cooperative of over 300 farmers in Cameroon to create shelf-stable and competitively priced Cassava products, commercializing the vegetable on a larger scale. By doing so, we aim to improve the lives of African farmers and to create full stomachs across the world.

CassVita Power

CassVita created a Power Engineering Department that invented a protocol for utilizing the waste from the food processing to generate electricity. This innovation won a partnership with IRAD, Cameroon’s Institute of Agricultural Research for Development. CassVita hopes to implement this project in rural areas, in which cassava farming is prevalent, which, however, lack electricity. Since the target market for this product is rural areas—where settlers typically have relatively lower purchasing powers—CassVita intends to sell this technology to governments, which will deploy it at subsidized prices as a cheaper energy alternative for these areas.

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It started as just a dream in the mind of a lad. Today, it’s grown into an international affair, bringing in people from multiple races, ethnic origins, religions, and countries!
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CassVita’s work has been recognized by MIT, Harvard, and the New York Times. Read what they have to say!


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